Wild Dutchman – Flamin’ Bacon

SeedBags - WildDutchmanFlaminBaconBag.jpg

I was a little nervous when I first bought these as I am not an overly spicy kind of guy. Well, I mean I am pretty spicy I just don’t overly love spicy food.

When you first drop these into your mouth you can get a hint of the heat but then it smacks you in the mouth like when you talked back to your parents. Well it was when I grew up now I guess it’s frowned upon when you backhand a kid. (btw that was a joke, everyone settle down!)

As you can see from the pic these babies are loaded with some hot orange flavor dust. I would say if ketchup is your spice of choice then maybe pass on these hotties. I can still feel a tinge of heat in my mouth after not having any for a couple of minutes. Overall I like these as a every now and then seed and will be putting these into the rotation.

SeedsInHand - WD_FlaminBacon.jpg