BiGS – Taco Supreme

If you are a lover of Taco Bell and well tacos in general then you are going to love these seeds as much as I do!

Right on the package of these beauties they tell you these are Huge Seeds that are Double Flavored in collaboration with the Taco Bell Taco Geniuses. Which means you are in for a treat when you throw a hand full of these delectable treats into your mouth hole.

Looking at the pic below you can see a tint of the orangeish seasoning on the seeds. As soon as they hit your mouth you are pounded with the Taco flavoring and man is it magical. The bad news here is that I live about 2 blocks from a Taco Bell. I seriously need to run for the border after throwing down a couple handfuls.

With all that being said these are by far one of my “go to” seeds at a ball game. They are just so good, but again be prepared to go find a street taco truck or your nearest Taco Bell.

BiGS - Taco Supreme






Seed Size



  • Taco seasoning
  • Crazy flavorful
  • Did I mention Tacos!


  • Not an every day seed
  • High in Sodium
  • You will need a taco ASAP