BiGS – Dill Pickle

SeedBags - BiGS_DillPickleBag.jpg

This is another collaboration that BiGS has done but this time with the Vlasic Pickle Pros.

I will have to say I like pickles but I am not sure pickle seeds are my thing. I will be doing another Pickle seed review soon but that one has a twist of Nacho flavoring that helps cut the pickleness. But you will have to wait for that review.

Looking at the pic you can see that there is plenty of dustyness on these seeds. They are full of pickle puckery flavor but again maybe a bit too much for my liking. Give these a try as you will have a different thought on these suckers but for me they are not going to make the rotation.

SeedsInHand - BiGS_DillPickle_Hand.jpg